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Il Gelato di Ariela (Ariela’s Gelato) was born in 2006 when in a really hot summer Ariela was struggling to find the fantastic Gelato she could only find back home.

It was then that the penny dropped and she realised there was a lack of real Italian Gelato in London. So with the help of Francesca, another Gelato lover, she opened a little Gelateria in north London.

Their mission was to make the original Italian Gelato, the artisan way, using only the best natural ingredients, real fruit and banning all artificial flavourings and colourings.

It wasn't long before other food establishments were asking to be supplied with what they regarded as one of the best Gelato in London, one thing led to another and Il Gelato di Ariela moved from being a retail business to a wholesale one.


Il Gelato di Ariela is committed to supply your business with the highest quality Gelato, to make you popular with your customers, help increase your profits and to give you peace of mind in the knowledge that you will be serving a better, healthier and more natural product.

We supply restaurants, ice-cream parlours, delicatessen, coffee shops and catering businesses not only with the best artisan Gelato, but also with all the cones, disposables and equipment needed to serve it.

Our service does not end there, we provide ongoing support from the start, helping with layout decisions, with finding the best equipment for each need, training the staff in everything that concerns the sale of Gelato, supplying manuals for reference as well as helping with menu designs. 

We provide the full package, so if Gelato is what your business needs then look no further, we will set you up before you can say GELATO!!

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